Mini-Session Collection

Mini Sessions are a great way to get a few beautiful photographs that is why our studio offers the Mini-session collection. Mini-sessions are offered to all clients at a reduced price and photographed in less time than a regular full session. If you are booking the Mini-sessions with us please make sure to arrive on time. Mini-session cost $200 and takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

We have got something very unique to make your mini-session special…. and that includes the location plus props. A few favorite spots to shoot are: Washington Oaks Garden State Park, Marineland, Princess Place Preserve, and Spyglass at Crescent Beach. Our themed mini sessions are available only during the Holiday season; November, December and January. However, You & Me, Mommy & Me, Beautiful You, Mini Me and Senior You Mini-sessions are available all year around. Please keep in mind that we’re doing a very limited number of Holiday Mini-sessions. That’s why advance booking is recommended and required.

Mini-Session Package

$200 includes Flash drive with all photos (50 images), 3 edited photos, and 30 – 45 minutes long

More About Mini-Sessions

If you and your loved ones are booking a mini session hoping for just a couple of good photos, then this is exactly what the Mini-sessions have in store. Remember, if you have a very specific shot list in mind, certain poses, etc, the mini session is probably not the right fit for you. However, our photographer always asks clients about their family dynamic and goals for their mini sessions.

A mini session might be right for you if you’re ok with capturing your kids or family members just as they are, whether that is smiling (or not). Or, you have very outgoing, cooperative family members that you know will listen very well during our brief time slot. A mini session might NOT be right for you if you really want more opportunity to capture the exact kinds of photos you want (poses, smiles, etc.) Keep in mind that this is one great advantage of a full session!

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