One-To-one Private Photography Classes

Studio offers one-to-one photography classes and private instructions on regular basis. Our private photography lessons offered for all ages and hold in the studio in Palm Coast, Florida. For your convenience we offer photography classes photography at your location (office or a house). Private and one-to-one photography lessons are offered in Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Jacksonville.

Private Photography Lessons

Private photography lessons are based and designed for beginners as well as intermediate photographers with advanced skills. We offer photography lessons for all ages. If you’re interested to learn more about photography then private lessons can be a good start. For those who are already comfortable with digital equipment, and want to improve their photography skills private lessons can be an excellent choice, too. Private photography classes are designed and customized for each individual and come with a creative aspect of photography. Our photography instructor will take you through her personal approach to digital photography, and show you how to create a beautiful digital art.

One-To-One 3 Hours Class $600

Private photography classes designed to take you through the foundations of photography at your own pace! Beginning with the basics (if you’re a beginner photographer), you will start by learning how to operate your camera and gradually advance to a better level of understanding. Our instructor takes you step by step in a fun and easy order that will make sense to you. We encourage you to ask questions since private lessons are focus on one individual only – you.

During a private photography class you’ll explore all the buttons and dials on your digital cameras! Photography class also includes basic camera operation including aperture, shutter speed and ISO (if you’re not familiar with those settings). You’ll learn why and how to adjust the camera’s white balance, shooting speed in the semi-automatic and manual modes, and much more. Learn how to get the background in or out of focus, how to stop or create motion and how to come up with a creative composition.  Learn about ISO and what that means. Understand when to use a tripod, and how to find select and to see best natural light. We also include topics like right posing, studio lighting and how to use your speed light indoors. We even teach you basic, but so very important things like how properly to hold your digital photography camera so you can get best images.

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* Due to a high demand and limited amount of available spots we ask you to contact us prior booking any photography class. Thank you.