Family Portraits

A family and beach portrait photography available in Palm Coast and areas around including St. Augustine and Jacksonville. A family portrait session includes a flash with all photographs and 5 – 10 edited photos, and up to 20 family members. Please email or call at (386)338-1408 to schedule an appointment. A deposit is required to hold / book a date. Last minute bookings available based on availability.

Family Photography Packages

$300 includes  Flash drive with all photos (100 images), 2 – 10 family members, 5 edited photos

$400 includes  Flash drive with all photos (150 images), 11 – 16 family members, 7 edited photos

$500  Flash drive with all photos includes (200 images), 17 or more family members, 10 edited photos

Being a part of something very wonderful…

Being part of a Family means smiling

Brad Henry said: “Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” That’s why to us a family is not an important thing, it’s everything. Our goal is to capture the most beautiful moments during your photography session.

Family and Friends are hidden treasures…

…My Family is my Life

At palm coast photography we do family group sessions that have 15 members 10 members, as little or as big as you have. With the large families our photographer usually does seperate groups, such as small families inside the large family. We then do groups with the little ones and kids then sisters, brothers, ect.,

For small families we do a whole group photo and as well as small groups such as two people, three people, ect.,. Our family photo sessions, weather it’s a large family or a small family, we do not include solo portraits. Family session + solo portrait will be extra charge.

We accept all families weather they are large medium or small!

Being a Family means you are a part of something very wonderful…

…Family and Friends are hidden Treasures

Love starts with Family…

Family, Life & Love…

Life is Beautiful!

It’s all about Family…

Payment & Delivery

Please note that a 50% deposit is required to hold / book a date. Although deposits are non refundable, you can reschedule a photo session by phone, e-mail or in person at least 2 days before your scheduled date. If a client cancels a photo session for any reason with less than 48 hours, we do not refund the deposit and do not guarantee to reschedule a session.

 A flash drive is delivered to the client 2-5 business days after the photo session. Edited photographs are delivered to the client 2–4 weeks after the photo session. Next day delivery is available for Edited Photos for an additional $50 per photograph. (Edited photographs are delivered by e-mail.) The client chooses which photographs they wish to have edited. Additional edited / retouched photographs can be ordered at anytime for an additional $30 per photograph.

I have a wonderful Family

To Schedule an Appointment

Phone (386)338-1408; (305)877-9875 Email:

Questions, Booking, Reservation request answered within 24 hours. Hablamos español.