Deposit & Refund Policy

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Deposits by Check

A 50% photography session deposit can be done by mail via paper check

Check can be made payable to:

Photography Palm Coast Studio, LLC

29 Old Kind Road N., Unit 10-B

Palm Coast, FL 32137


Family photography sessions and beach portraits

Deposits by Venmo

A 50% photography session deposit can be done online via Venmo

Please email or text to us your Venmo user name. Make sure the spelling of your Venmo username is correct. We do not guarantee your booking if our employee can’t locate your Venmo username to send you a deposit request. It’s a client responsibility to confirm with us that your deposit was received.


Family photography sessions and beach portraits


A refund can be issued only if a photography session cannot be re-scheduled due to bad weather conditions. 

In case of a photography session cancellation by the client, the 50% deposit can be applied as a credit for a future photo shoot.

In consideration to our clients, and in light of the Covid risk, we can offer a temporary alternative to our standard non-refundable policy. If you must cancel (minimum 48 hours before your photography session) due to Covid, and we are unable to reschedule to another date, then we can offer to keep your deposit as a credit for future photography services with us.

To Our Clients

Our goal is to provide you with the best photographs possible no matter what the weather conditions may be at any time of the year. We work all year round including on official US holidays (extra charges may apply). We suggest to book a photography session several months in advance due to high demand. However, we do offer last minute scheduling based on our availability.

Please note that the weather is unpredictable (especially in Florida) and we kindly ask our clients for understanding if we need to re-schedule our photography session.

Working for families and little kids is fun, but it can also be stressful. Since a photography session time is limited, we kindly ask parents to let the photographer work with your child during the photoshoot. We have years of experience working with babies and little kids using specific techniques to capture their attention. 

Family photography sessions and beach portraits

We Use

We are digital art lovers and proud users of Canon photography equipment. We work with Canon Mark cameras and several Canon lenses. Our passion to work withTelephoto and Macro lenses brings amazing results during each photo shoot!

We use a Mac operating system for post production work and different computer software including Photoshop as our main tool to perform digital image editing.


Family photography sessions and beach portraits

We Do

We shoot in the highest resolution (approximately 5000 pixels per side)

We shoot in JPEG, or RAW + JPEG formats

We deliver high quality digital images via email, DropBox or flash drive

We include professional image editing with our photography packages (exceptions apply, please see our Professional Digital Image Editing section below)

Our final digital product (photograph) is delivered to the client in the highest resolution in a JPEG format only. We also include copyrights and print release.

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We Don’t

We do not provide RAW images

We do not sell RAW images

We do not offer printing services 

Body slim and body shape retouching services are not included within the photography editing packages

What’s Happening After a Photo Shoot

Once a photography session is complete it takes us hours at the studio for post production work to deliver your photographs. Usually, we capture from 50 – 400 pictures per single photo session. Once the photographs are uploaded and safely backed up, we carefully review each photograph to select the best pictures for you. Once the selection is complete and the photos are uploaded to a flash drive, DropBox or a ZIP file, then they are ready to be delivered to the client. 

When a client receives the photographs via flash drive, DropBox or ZIP file, then it’s time to make your photo selection and email or text your photo numbers back to us for a final step – professional retouching. Please do not send us the actual photographs via email or text. All we need is a complete photo number. The photo number can be found at the bottom of each photograph. Please note the photo number contains a combination of letters and digits. 

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Editing / Retouching Services for an Additional Cost

The cost for services listed below can vary between $30 – $100 per photograph. Please consult with us before requesting any of these services to receive an accurate quote.

Hair removal from faces

Body slim and body shape

Head, face or eye replacement (switching from one photograph to another)

Digitally adding / removing family members to / from a photograph (Photoshop in & out)

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Family photography sessions and beach portraits

Professional Digital Image Editing

Most photography packages (except events) include professional photo editing. Professional retouching / editing actions can be done on photographs selected by the client. We perform color correction and adjustment, leveling, curve setting, sharpening, brightness, light balance and more. 

Please note that body slim, shape adjustment, hair removal from faces, replacement of head / face / eye are not included in editing, but can be added (performed) for an additional cost from $30 – $100 per photograph. Please consult with us beforehand to request an accurate quote.