How We Work

Our goal is to provide you with the best photographs possible regardless of the weather conditions at any time. We work all year round including on official US holidays (extra charges may apply). We suggest booking a photography session several months in advance due to high demand. We offer last minute scheduling based on our availability.

How to Book a Session

To book a photography session online please contact us via our Booking Form and provide your desired date, name, contact phone number and exact shooting location including an address. You can also book us via email by providing this same detailed information for your desired photography session.

Do I have to sign a contact to Book a Photography Session?

The photography contract is required only if you’re booking a Wedding, an Event or a Newborn photography session.

How to Make a Deposit

We offer three deposit options to our clients. One is by mailing a paper check, another is online via our Shopping Cart or Venmo.

Option #1. The deposit can be done via paper check payable to Photography Palm Coast Studio, LLC and mailed to 29 Old Kings Road N., Unit 10-B, Palm Coast FL 32137. It’s the client’s responsibility to confirm with us for receipt of your deposit. We do not guarantee your booking until your deposit is received. 

Option #2. You can make an online deposit via Venmo by providing us with the correct spelling of your Venmo username. We do not guarantee your booking if our employees cannot locate your Venmo username for us to send you a Deposit Request. It’s the client’s responsibility to confirm with us that your deposit was received.

Option #3. You can make a full payment online using our Shopping Cart. Please go to the Pricing Page and select a product of your choice. Do not make a payment until you confirm with us the date availability.

Refund Policy

A refund can be issued only if a photography session cannot be re-scheduled due to bad weather conditions. 

In case of a photography session cancellation by the client, the 50% deposit can be applied as a credit for a future photo shoot.

In consideration to our clients, and in light of the Covid risk, we can offer a temporary alternative to our standard non-refundable policy. If you must cancel (minimum 48 hours before your photography session) due to Covid, and we are unable to reschedule to another date, then we can offer to keep your deposit as a credit for future photography services with us.

What if it rains?

Please note that the weather is unpredictable (especially in Florida) and we kindly ask our clients for understanding if we need to reschedule your photography session.

Photography Session Duration

Photography session length can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour & 30 minutes, depending on the type of photo shoot chosen by the client. Since the photography session time is limited, we kindly ask our clients not to be late to a photo shoot. Make sure to let us know in advance via phone or text if you’re running late.

Cameras we Use

We are proud users of Canon photography equipment. We work with Canon Mark cameras and several Canon lenses. Our passion to work withTelephoto and Macro lenses brings amazing results during each photo shoot!

What to Wear 

We recommend using matching outfits. Family members can use dark bottoms and light pastel color tops. Long beach dresses for ladies always look stunning with beach scenery. Please do not use any clothing with sparkly, shiny or reflective material. Please keep in mind that beach photography sessions can be windy and your hair may be flying around. We recommend using hair spray, bobby pins, hair clips, etc. to prevent hair from getting in your face. Please note that our photo retouching process does not include hair removal from faces.

What happens after the Photo Shoot

Once a photography session is complete it takes us hours at the studio for post-production work to review your photographs. Usually we capture from 50 – 400 pictures per single photo session. Once the photographs are uploaded and safely backed up, we carefully review each photograph to select the best pictures for you. Once the selection is complete and the photos are uploaded to a flash drive, DropBox or a ZIP file, then they are ready to be delivered to the client. The digital files are usually delivered to the client in 2 – 5 business days after the photo shoot.

When the client receives the photographs then it’s time for photo selections. Email or text us your complete photo numbers (combination of letters and numbers, which can be found at the bottom of each photograph) back to us for a final step – professional retouching. Please do not send us the actual photographs via email or text. Make sure to receive a confirmation from us that we received your photo selections. 


Most photography packages (except Events) include professional retouching for photographs selected by the client. We perform color correction and adjustment, leveling, curve setting, sharpening, brightness, light balance and more. 

Please note that there are some exclusions to retouching such as body slimming, shape adjustment, removal of wrinkles from clothing, hair removal from faces, or replacement of head / face / eyes. These can be added (performed) for an additional cost from $30 – $100 per photograph. Please consult with us beforehand to request an accurate quote.

We use a Mac operating system for post-production work and different computer software including Photoshop as our main tool to perform digital image editing.

We Do

We shoot in the highest resolution (approximately 5000 pixels per side) in JPEG or RAW + JPEG formats. We deliver high quality digital images via email, DropBox or a flash drive.

We include professional image editing with our photography packages (except Event photography). Our final digital product (photograph) is delivered to the client in high resolution in a JPEG format only. We also include copyrights and print release.

We Do Not

We do not provide RAW images and we do not sell RAW images.

We do not offer printing services. Please note that removal of wrinkles from clothing, body slimming, body shaping, adding / removing family members or objects, are not included within the photography editing packages.

Studio Backdrop Options