Photography Workshop

Digital photography workshops are awesome! Photography workshops are fun and most important you learn a lot just in a few hours! Our workshop is 3 hours long. A photography workshop will give you all basics of digital photography. We cover everything you need to know in a class. We make sure that each of our students understands the concepts. We’ll cover basic format types such as RAW, JPEG’s, TIFF and which to use them. As complicated as it all sounds, we will simplify the process to four things you need to remember about your camera: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and White-Balance.  

All-in-One Workshop $700

Digital photography workshops are awesome! Photography workshops are fun and most important you learn a lot just in a few hours! A workshop is design to teach you new techniques in the field or outdoors and in a studio. We suggest that you sign up for a workshop in advanced. However last minute students are welcome as well based on spots availability. Our All-In-One Photography Workshop is 3 hours long and cost $700. Workshop covers the majority of beginner and intermediate photography courses plus outdoor / indoor practice and assignments. Morning, afternoon and evening times availability.

We try to have a small group of students. That give us an opportunity to make sure every student understands a work flow and material. We also suggest and highly recommend to our student to ask question during a photography workshop. That way we are able to go through your previously captured images and talk in details about a shoot. We’ll highlight the things you did well and will talk about areas that need an improvement. A workshop is designed to tell you how to get to a great shooting location at the best time of year and get the best light.

During a 3 hours workshop we cover: Image processing and basic editing like cropping, color adjustment, image brightness and sharpening (basic computer skills are required). You’ll learn why we use the software we do and what are the best image processing software for photographers. We’ll be introduced to basic Photoshop and / or Lightroom program. You’ll learn how to resize images to thumbnail size and cover photos … and one of the most important topics is image archiving and backup. We’ll talk about how to work with a manual mode, camera AV mode and TV mode. You’ll develop your composition skills and learn how to view the everyday scene in a new and creative way. How to see things that everyone else misses. And finally you’ll learn depth of field and selection based on subject, content and very last a very important topic – a camera focal length.

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* Due to a high demand and limited amount of available spots we ask you to contact us prior booking any photography class. Thank you.

Newborn Photography Workshop & Masterclass